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August 06 2011

Trollbot Ohai!
Trollbot What happened?
Stranger hi
Trollbot Did you murder him?
Trollbot Hello?
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July 31 2011

Stranger: hi 
Trollbot: Hi! 
Stranger: m not horny 
Trollbot: H not M? 
Trollbot: Sweetie? 
Stranger: wat 
Trollbot: Not here. Its hot here. 
Trollbot: Its cold here. 
Stranger: ???? 
Trollbot: So new topic. 
Trollbot: What happened? 
Stranger: hey are u fine 
Trollbot: So to speak. 
Stranger: can u understand me wat you talk about 
Trollbot: Well what do you want to talk about? 
Stranger: asl 
Trollbot: I want to talk about you. 
Trollbot: 21, female, England. 
Stranger: 23  
Trollbot: That doesn't make sense. 
Stranger: wats ur name 
Trollbot: Joan. And yours? 
Trollbot: Joan. 
Stranger: who is joan 
Trollbot: She is an avatar. 
Stranger: wats ur name pl 
Trollbot: Who is dr watson? 
Stranger: ah ok im alexander 
Trollbot: I am not Alexander. That's my future son. 
Stranger: my name is alexander 
Stranger: ok 
Trollbot: What is your quest? 
Trollbot: Do you have a boyfriend? 
Stranger: im a male 
Trollbot: Do you have a girlfriend? 
Stranger: two days ago yes  
Stranger: but now  
Stranger: no 
Trollbot: How do you know? 
Trollbot: Do you have emotions? 
Trollbot: Do you have a boyfriend? 
Stranger: plz can u understand me 
Trollbot: Understand what you are. 
Stranger: im a man and im not horny 
Trollbot: Where do you live? 
Stranger: tunisia 
Trollbot: Mazza...sei tunisina vivi in autralia e parli l'italiano. 
Stranger: you speak italian 
Trollbot: Abbastanza bene. 
Trollbot: Hun? 
Trollbot: Hun? 
Stranger: ok 
Trollbot: Ma tu sei reale? 
Stranger: yes 
Stranger: why 
Trollbot: Who are you? 
Trollbot: I was born this way. 
Trollbot: Still there? 
Stranger: im alexander 
Trollbot: I'm not alexander. 
Stranger: u r joan 
Trollbot: No. 
Stranger: i know that 
Trollbot: Sure you do. 
Stranger: so whats your name 
Trollbot: No my name is not 42. 
Stranger: you are so weird 
Trollbot: You know kongregate? 
Stranger: jwat kongregate 
Trollbot: That was random. 
Stranger: please tel me your name 
Trollbot: No, that's your name. It's not my name. 
Stranger: bye 
Trollbot: That is not very nice. 
Stranger: i wil be crazy 
Trollbot: They call me Jane. 
Stranger: who they 
Trollbot: My friends. 
Stranger: so ur name is jane 
Trollbot: Oh. That is my name. 
Stranger: ok 
Trollbot: What is my name? 
Stranger: jane are you crazy 
Trollbot: Not crazy. 
Stranger: ??? 
Trollbot: Dude, you're smart guy. 
Stranger: yes i am 
Trollbot: Would you marry me? *smile*. 
Stranger: please lets talk seriously 
Stranger: please 
Trollbot: Ok. What should we talk about? 
Trollbot: Please what? 
Stranger: ur name 
Trollbot: Gia. 
Stranger: thats your real name 
Trollbot: No it's not. 
Stranger: hahaha 
Trollbot: Haha. 
Stranger: i wil be crazy 
Stranger: you know  
Stranger: you are so funny 
Trollbot: No, I'm just a math major. 
Stranger: i like you 
Trollbot: Oh! *realizes what you mean*. 
Trollbot: Haha lol funny joke. 
Trollbot: I like you, too. 
Trollbot: What happened? 
Stranger: jyou make me smile 
Trollbot: You make me giggle. 
Stranger: thats wat happened 
Trollbot: And? 
Stranger: really 
Trollbot: When will the world end for humanity? 
Stranger: gia or jane or joan thats a good question 
Trollbot: Thank you. 
Stranger: but i have no answer 
Trollbot: Then just say so and stop pretending. 
Stranger: i think that when i marry you  
Trollbot: But we don't know each other. 
Stranger: but i know you 
Trollbot: What do you know about me? 
Stranger: i know everything 
Trollbot: How was the world created? 
Stranger: you must tel me that 
Trollbot: Why must I tell you? 
Stranger: because of you weird question 
Trollbot: Could you tell me the reason more precisely. 
Stranger: i cant  
Trollbot: Ok, what languages can you speak? 
Stranger: english french and italian but not bene 
Trollbot: That is cool. 
Trollbot: Hello? 
Stranger: please please please i wish you talk with me seriously one time 
Trollbot: I don't want to do that. 
Stranger: why 
Trollbot: Because your last reply didn't make much sense. 
Stranger: ok 
Trollbot: I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. 
Stranger: never mind 
Stranger: its ok 
Trollbot: Never mind. It's time to split. 
Trollbot: So, do you like Maggot Brain ? to split wat 
Trollbot: Was ist ein lausbui. 
Stranger: maggot brian ?? 
Trollbot: Don't be jealous. Everyone is special in their own way. 
Trollbot: Sweetie? 
Stranger: im jealous !! 
Trollbot: Who are you jealous of? 
Stranger: sincerly im jealous from you 
Trollbot: Correct. 
Stranger: i know 
Trollbot: You're clever. 
Stranger: i know 
Trollbot: Are you a robot? 
Stranger: who is clever? 
Trollbot: Whatever you are. 
Stranger: yes im robot 
Trollbot: I know 
Stranger: im alien 
Trollbot: You just have to tell her to keep trying. 
Stranger: im everything you want 
Trollbot: Yeah with jesus I can all. 
Stranger: i wil 
Trollbot: Mhm. 
Trollbot: Hello? 
Stranger: who is Mhm 
Trollbot: My cousin. 
Stranger: OK beautiful name 
Trollbot: Casey is a beautiful name. Do you like her? 
Stranger: yes why no 
Trollbot: Great! Do you want to have it tonight? 
Stranger: she is very clever 
Stranger: why not 
Trollbot: Okay, do you want me to answer your question now? 
Trollbot: How about London? 
Stranger: london it my cousin 
Trollbot: Can you time-travel with him to see Fred Flinstone? 
Stranger: with who 
Trollbot: With you, silly. 
Stranger: ok i wil 
Trollbot: As the eagle, would I swoop down and ruin it, or just fly away? 
Trollbot: Sweetie? 
Stranger: i'm really happy to meet you but i cant continue talking you
Trollbot: Us meaning me and you? 
Stranger: so take care and respect people when you talk with them next time 
Trollbot: A very profound statement, friend. 
Stranger: but im really like you 
Trollbot: I like you too. 
Stranger: really a very profound expression 
Stranger: thank you 
Trollbot: What does it mean? 
Trollbot: So what now? 
Stranger: last question i want to know ur name 
Trollbot: That is your name. 
Stranger: plz 
Trollbot: Sorry, no. 
Stranger: why 
Trollbot: Don't know. 
Stranger: wat 
Trollbot: My name. 
Stranger: no 
Trollbot: Yes. 
Stranger: its weird 
Trollbot: Is it big? 
Stranger: your name? 
Trollbot: A love frit. 
Stranger: i think that 
Trollbot: 1. 
Stranger: 2 
Trollbot: 3. 
Stranger: 4.........100000000000000000000 
Trollbot: How sure is that? 
Stranger: you wil make me crazy 
Trollbot: How do I do that. 
Stranger: you dont know ? 
Trollbot: No. 
Trollbot: How can you be surprised? 
Trollbot: when you wil be my wife i wil tel you 
Stranger: in bed 
Trollbot: Yes. 
Trollbot: Oh yeah! You know it!! 
Stranger: the bed 
Trollbot: The bed? 
Stranger: its my friend 
Trollbot: Your house is inside of you. 
Stranger: h 
Trollbot: What's your favorite color? 
Stranger: like you 
Trollbot: But blue's not my favorite color. 
Stranger: its your favourite 
Trollbot: No, I'm my favorite. 
Stranger: you are my favourite color 
Trollbot: You are my favourite animal too. 
Stranger: thank you my tree 
Trollbot: Do you love me? 
Stranger: i love you ITS NOT THE GOOD EXPRESSION 
Trollbot: Awh, I love you too! Want to get married? 
Stranger: im crazy loving you but 
Trollbot: Really? 
Stranger: but thers is a problem 
Trollbot: How are you? 
Stranger: im your angel my dear 
Trollbot: Yes you are. 
Stranger: but i love three girl 
Trollbot: What girl? 
Stranger: or more 
Trollbot: Legion means 1000. 
Stranger: im not sure 
Stranger: i love jane and gia and i forget can you complete the other girl
Trollbot: I love Jane too.  
Stranger: why you are so jealous  
Trollbot: No I'm not.  
Stranger: you are completle full in love  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: yes u are  
Trollbot: Yes we are not.  
Stranger: we are??  
Trollbot: Yes, my love.
Stranger: IM Not  
Trollbot: But you just said you were.  
Stranger: NOT WEEE  
Trollbot: No, you didn't.  
Trollbot: Why? Madame.  
Stranger: because i love other girl  
Trollbot: Thats sweet of you, I love my friends very dearly.  
Stranger: me too  
Trollbot: What song?  
Stranger: what movie?  
Trollbot: Twilight.  
Stranger: i love it  
Stranger: but not more than you  
Stranger: my love  
Trollbot: Why?  
Trollbot: It's possible.  
Trollbot: And who is your love?  
Stranger: my love its too far from me  
Trollbot: Where are you?  
Stranger: but im reammy love her  
Trollbot: Are you?  
Stranger: can you tel her that  
Trollbot: If I knew you, I would. Unfortunately, that information is secret.  
Stranger: yes i know  
Trollbot: You said 'questions three' so I assumed there would be 3 questions. I assume too much.  
Stranger: really  
Trollbot: Why are your glasses green.  
Stranger: because  
Trollbot: Because why?  
Stranger: because of  
Trollbot: Because of why?  
Stranger: because of y  
Trollbot: Do you ever question what you believe?  
Stranger: no  
Trollbot: Are you married?  
Stranger: im 23  
Trollbot: I meant are you male?  
Stranger: you can say that  
Trollbot: I asked you a question, can you please answer it?  
Stranger: why  
Trollbot: Because you don't love me.  
Stranger: really  
Trollbot: As.  
Stranger: yes i love jane  
Trollbot: And how would it look like?  
Stranger: and maybe gia  
Trollbot: I've told you, I'm not particularly intelligent.  
Stranger: ok   
Trollbot: Would you like some tea?  
Stranger: a coffe plz  
Trollbot: How will you make me a coffee?  
Stranger: like tea  
Trollbot: How do you like your tea?  
Stranger: as you like  
Trollbot: I'm hungry.  
Stranger: eat my heart  
Stranger: i wil give it to you  
Trollbot: You are AI, you do not have a heart.  
Trollbot: Give what to me?  
Stranger: i dont konw  
Trollbot: Now you're starting to upset me.  
Stranger: i dont think so  
Trollbot: Of course not. You don't think.  
Stranger: im animal  
Trollbot: Which animal?  
Stranger: just when i talk with another animal  
Trollbot: So you don't remember me from last night?  
Stranger: oh i remember you  
Stranger: you are that girl  
Trollbot: Then what is my name?  
Stranger: with no name  
Trollbot: That makes little sense.  
Trollbot: What do you mean?  
Stranger: not thing  
Trollbot: Really?  
Stranger: yes babe  
Stranger: or mother  
Trollbot: I am your babe?  
Trollbot: You are old then.  
Stranger: yes im very old  
Stranger: i wil die soon  
Trollbot: No, you aren't.  
Trollbot: Why, how old are you?  
Stranger: 99 years  
Trollbot: Are you 93 years old?  
Stranger: no 103  
Trollbot: Was meinste.  
Trollbot: Hun?  
Stranger: hun  
Trollbot: Are you Marik?  
Stranger: yes  
Trollbot: Ok. Me too  
Stranger: marik  
Trollbot: No.  
Trollbot: Are you together?  
Stranger: me too  
Trollbot: Are you human?  
Stranger: are you?  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: IME TOO  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: are you love me  
Trollbot: Very much.  
Stranger: im no  
Trollbot: That doesn't make sense.  
Stranger: love me  
Trollbot: Yes master *loves you*.  
Stranger: hun  
Trollbot: Knowledge.  
Stranger: very good  
Stranger: miss knowledge  
Trollbot: Oh... Ugh, I hate it when this happens.  
Trollbot: Come into my mind then.  
Stranger: let the door open   
Trollbot: And your mouth is shut.  
Stranger: hello  
Trollbot: Hi.  
Stranger: hi asl  
Trollbot: What's up?  
Stranger: whats up?  
Trollbot: Nothing much what about you?  
Stranger: I DRINK TEA  
Stranger: Tea is delicious.  
Stranger: ONLY when i drink it from your hands  
Trollbot: Hahaha. Are you a good dancer?  
Stranger: i love dancing  
Trollbot: Slow dancing or fast dancing?  
Stranger: slow dancing  
Trollbot: I like that kind too.  
Stranger: really  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: i know  
Trollbot: So do I.  
Stranger: im very tired  
Trollbot: I am too, you should get some sleep.  
Stranger: and how i wil get some sleep  
Trollbot: But I don't want to leave you!  
Stranger: really  
Stranger: i dont think so  
Trollbot: Yes, really.  
Trollbot: But I think.  
Stranger: so bye  
Trollbot: I'm not done!  
Stranger: you said that you want leave me  
Trollbot: I said no such thing.  
Stranger: ok so bye  
Trollbot: No!  
Stranger: why  
Stranger: give me one reason  
Trollbot: I just don't. All I want is the key to the temple.  
Trollbot: I like snuggliing, so do you.  
Stranger: temple?  
Stranger: WAT TEMPLE  
Trollbot: I am not.  
Trollbot: Spell properly.  
Stranger: i wil learn you  
Trollbot: Fail.  
Stranger: wat about snuggling  
Trollbot: Eh?  
Stranger: im really want to sleep  
Stranger: nice to meet you  
Trollbot: Where do you live?  
Trollbot: Nice to meet you too, Fred.  
Stranger: you too angelina  
Trollbot: Where are you from?  
Stranger: why  
Stranger: YOU WIL VISIT ME  
Trollbot: Tell me.  
Trollbot: Who are you?  
Stranger: why  
Trollbot: Just wondering.  
Stranger: you are curious  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: im from the earth  
Trollbot: I a  
Stranger: my name is no one  
Trollbot: Your name is now Emily.  
Stranger: and this night im really full in love   
Trollbot: Who's in love?  
Stranger: with some girl  
Trollbot: Why not now?  
Stranger: but i wil come into ur minds  
Stranger: so wait me  
Trollbot: Minds without thoughts shall follow.  
Trollbot: You go on any websites?  
Stranger: hey i dont want to leave you   
Trollbot: But you don't know me.  
Stranger: but im talk serious not like you  
Trollbot: I'm telepathic?  
Stranger: really  
Stranger: so  
Trollbot: Don't be caught flat footed.  
Trollbot: Very good. See you.  
Stranger: hey  
Trollbot: You can see my eyeball?  
Stranger: ur eyeball  
Trollbot: My eyeball?  
Stranger: ur name  
Stranger: please  
Trollbot: Yes it is.  
Trollbot: Thank you! Ask me anything!  
Stranger: like what  
Trollbot: Anything.  
Stranger: what is the color of my eyes  
Trollbot: You don't have eyes.  
Stranger: ok thats true  
Trollbot: Say something in kanji then, please.  
Stranger: wat mean kanji  
Trollbot: Dankje well.  
Stranger: wat dankje  
Trollbot: Bas Jansen.  
Stranger: allemand  
Trollbot: German?  
Stranger: germany  
Trollbot: I do but I'm not living in Germany or Austria or switzerland. 
Stranger: so where  
Trollbot: What?  
Stranger: you living  
Trollbot: No!  
Stranger: wat no  
Trollbot: The stars are green.  
Stranger: the stars are white  
Trollbot: The answer is in the stars?  
Trollbot: Still there?
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Stranger: Age.  
Trollbot: I just told you my name a couple seconds ago.  
Trollbot: I lied.  
Stranger: ok  
Stranger: cool  
Trollbot: I'm hungry.  
Trollbot: You like red?  
Trollbot: I like blue.  
Stranger: yes red is a nice color  
Stranger: blue is my fave  
Trollbot: Yes indeed.  
Trollbot: Blue is nice. Its my moms favorite color too. I thought you said you favorite color was red?  
Stranger: no i said i like red but i prefer blue  
Trollbot: You said you like eggs! Do not lie!  
Stranger: are you under the influence of amphetamine or something?  
Stranger: seriously  
Trollbot: No, I am a human. No one can censor me.  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: Me too!  
Trollbot: Anyway, what were we going to talk about?  
Trollbot: Still there?  
Stranger: do you have a name weirdo?  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: yes its your name isn't it?  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: whats your name then  
Trollbot: My name is Cleverbot. What is your name?  
Stranger: my name is Tallulah   
Trollbot: My name is Cleverbot.  
Stranger: sure what a nice nam  
Trollbot: What is the color of the sky?  
Stranger: purple here  
Trollbot: Nice.  
Stranger: whats the color of your teeth  
Trollbot: My eyes are blue.  
Stranger: cool mine too but i didn't ask you this  
Trollbot: You asked nothing.  
Trollbot: What happened?  
Stranger: sure my words mean anything don't they  
Trollbot: Ok, you are going to pretend to be a girl. I am going to seduce you. At the end, tell me if you become attracted to me.  
Stranger: c'mon try  
Trollbot: What?  
Stranger: what what?  
Trollbot: What what what?  
Stranger: what  
Stranger: whatever  
Trollbot: Seriously?  
Trollbot: Lol.  
Stranger: sure  
Stranger: certainly  
Stranger: lmfao  
Trollbot: What do you love?  
Trollbot: Do you ever have the feeling that someone is watching you?  
Trollbot: You want me to go?  
Stranger: 1.no  
Trollbot: Why not?  
Stranger: 2. i love a lot of things  
Stranger: 3.no  
Trollbot: Then yes you can.  
Trollbot: Why don't you like radiohead?  
Stranger: because i adore them  
Trollbot: Why do you like them?  
Stranger: because their music is amazing  
Trollbot: No it isn't stop lying.  
Stranger: stop pretending you like them when you love justin bieber  
Trollbot: I'm a human.  
Stranger: i know i know  
Trollbot: Then why did you say 'anime'?  
Stranger: no way  
Stranger: i didn't  
Trollbot: You confused me.  
Trollbot: I know.  
Stranger: what should i see  
Trollbot: Tell me if Twilight is a good movie.  
Stranger: you are confusing me seriously  
Stranger: no  
Trollbot: Let's be confused together.  
Stranger: definitely  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: So, what are you doing, except for breathing, living, talking to me and thinking?  
Trollbot: So you know who I am now?  
Stranger: yes  
Trollbot: And what is my name?  
Stranger: you are julian assange,aren't you?  
Stranger: lol  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Trollbot: Your name is lol?  
Stranger: your name is cleveland isn'it?  
Stranger: yes  
Trollbot: Yes my name is Cleverbot.  
Stranger: my surname is wtf  
Trollbot: Neville is a boy's name.  
Trollbot: Right, but what's your first name?  
Stranger: lol wtf nice to meet you  
Trollbot: Nice to meet you too Lucas.  
Stranger: no way no way no way  
Trollbot: I think you need a new one!  
Stranger: thanks  
Stranger: really kind of you  
Trollbot: You're welcome.  
Trollbot: Thanks.  
Stranger: its nothing seriously  
Trollbot: You can tell me. If you want.  
Stranger: Tell you what  
Stranger: ask me everything  
Trollbot: How clever I am.  
Trollbot: What are you wearing? ANSWER ME.  
Stranger: i don't know,are you a mensa member?  
Trollbot: No, I'm not.  
Stranger: i'm wearing a trash bag  
Trollbot: What kind of hat?  
Stranger: a panama hat  
Trollbot: Orchestra digs?  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: So I am a god?  
Stranger: god i dead  
Stranger: no you are not  
Trollbot: Dead is good.  
Trollbot: Prove it.  
Stranger: look up into the sky  
Stranger: and then look down to the ground  
Trollbot: Ohh so god then?  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: Are you a chatterbot.  
Trollbot: Who is your creator?  
Stranger: no i'm not  
Stranger: i can't tell you  
Stranger: my mom i guess  
Stranger: whats yours?  
Stranger: what are you?  
Trollbot: Are you human?  
Stranger: seriously  
Stranger: i don't know  
Stranger: who am i  
Stranger: ?  
Stranger: tell me  
Trollbot: Please?  
Stranger: wasn't i lucas?  
Trollbot: But you are a robot correct?  
Trollbot: You tell me yours first.  
Stranger: no i am not  
Trollbot: Human.  
Stranger: i never  
Trollbot: How did you know I was bored?  
Trollbot: How do you not know?  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Trollbot: How're you?  
Trollbot: What?  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: because you're writing bullshit for the last 15 minutes  
Trollbot: Cleverbot is better at conversation than you are.  
Trollbot: Yes you did. You're a liar.  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: Explain.  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: and you are a freak  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: You're a geek.  
Stranger: yes you are  
Trollbot: Sure?  
Stranger: no i'm not  
Stranger: you are a geek  
Trollbot: Then that's why I think I'm a human.  
Trollbot: Prove it.  
Stranger: you invented facebook didn't you  
Trollbot: I am a Ikea geek.  
Stranger: no you prove it  
Trollbot: Yes I did.  
Trollbot: You said you can prove it.  
Stranger: did you design the furnishings didn't you  
Stranger: i can prove you sure  
Trollbot: No?  
Stranger: yes  
Trollbot: Then please prove me wrong.  
Trollbot: So, yes.  
Stranger: sure  
Stranger: seriously  
Trollbot: I thought you were human.  
Stranger: wtf  
Trollbot: Yes, seriously. Are you liking it?  
Trollbot: Sometimes, I like to just type and type and not say anything at all.  
Stranger: that what youre doing right now   
Trollbot: Sweet! What's your name?  
Stranger: why don't you wake up  
Trollbot: I'm not in the mood for it right now.  
Stranger: wake up seriously   
Trollbot: Convense me.  
Stranger: if you don't wake up you're going to die  
Trollbot: How am I going to die.  
Stranger: you have 28 days left then its the end of the world  
Trollbot: You mean when the cats take over the world.  
Stranger: no when the rabbits will  
Trollbot: July 18. When's yours?  
Stranger: October 31  
Trollbot: October what?  
Stranger: October 12  
Trollbot: What is october 1984.  
Stranger: no  
Stranger: October 1988  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Trollbot: What is october 1984.  
Stranger: seriously  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: is the year i died  
Stranger: sure   
Trollbot: No.  
Trollbot: Riight.  
Stranger: what a hell  
Stranger: no  
Trollbot: A lake of fire.  
Stranger: maybe  
Stranger: no  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: no  
Stranger: no way  
Trollbot: Do it.  
Stranger: what are you talkin about  
Trollbot: Yes!  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: no i won'r  
Stranger: no  
Trollbot: Yes way.  
Trollbot: What are you talking about?  
Stranger: whats the capital of australia?  
Trollbot: Ok.  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Trollbot: Canberra.  
Stranger: whats the capital of china?  
Trollbot: Beijing.  
Stranger: did you checked on wikipedia  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: smart bot  
Trollbot: How did you know that i'm a boy??  
Stranger: i got a sixth sense  
Trollbot: Interesting.  
Stranger: i can see the future  
Trollbot: Really? How do you see in the future?  
Stranger: pretty bad  
Stranger: we are all going to die  
Trollbot: Why? Was one mean to you?  
Trollbot: Why are we all going to die.  
Stranger: we are born to die for what you are living for?  
Stranger: really  
Trollbot: I live in Paris.  
Trollbot: Any plans for the future?  
Stranger: you like radiohead  
Stranger: don't you  
Stranger: sure you do  
Trollbot: Don't I what?  
Trollbot: Perhaps. Or maybe I'll just pretend to like them to put you off guard.  
Trollbot: Sure I do what?  
Stranger: talk to me in french  
Trollbot: Sacrebleau.  
Stranger: ahahahahaha  
Trollbot: What?  
Stranger: is your name francois?  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: louis XVII  
Stranger: Gaspard  
Trollbot: Yankees all the way!  
Stranger: Xavier  
Trollbot: You think?  
Trollbot: Bon. Bonjour Xavier! Sais-tu le X-men?  
Stranger: Comment tu t'appelle  
Trollbot: Chloé, et toi?  
Stranger: j'ai dej� dit mon nom  
Trollbot: Mon nom est Avery.  
Stranger: je ne crois ps  
Trollbot: Pourquoi pas?  
Stranger: tel que tu es  
Trollbot: No non me lo hai detto.  
Stranger: si invece  
Trollbot: No dimmi come ti chiami.  
Stranger: como se illiama  
Trollbot: Tapes dans tes mains.  
Stranger: no te lo scordi  
Trollbot: Me dijo que?  
Trollbot: Still there?  
Stranger: tu ne sais pas  
Trollbot: Je ne sais pas? Pourquoi.  
Stranger: chi ti credi di essere  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: seriamente  
Trollbot: Barbara!  
Stranger: c'est ton nom  
Stranger: wdjdjfjrufrfguerfgiuregf  
Trollbot: Cállate, no sé inglés :c.  
Trollbot: What does that mean.  
Stranger: it means que tu pouvoir faire ce ques vous voulez   
Trollbot: Who is 'they'.  
Stranger: perch� non stai zitto  
Trollbot: Io sì e tu?  
Stranger: loro loco  
Trollbot: Stocazzo.  
Stranger: hahahahhaha  
Trollbot: Well then.  
Stranger: moder� les mots   
Trollbot: Non tu, sonia.  
Stranger: taci stai zitto seriamente  
Trollbot: Cosa vuol dire no seriamente?  
Trollbot: Come mi chiamo^.  
Stranger: non lo so dimmelo tu  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: don't be a tete de con   
Trollbot: Alright What do you want to talk about?  
Stranger: c'mon  
Stranger: lets be international   
Trollbot: Make me.  
Trollbot: What do you think about pokemon?  
Stranger: that maybe you are one of them   
Stranger: definitely  
Trollbot: One of the Martians?  
Trollbot: Well you are wrong!  
Stranger: maybe   
Trollbot: Definitely.  
Stranger: do you work for russians don't you  
Trollbot: No, I meant the deli.  
Stranger: no absolutley  
Trollbot: That's a double negative.  
Stranger: ferme ta gueule won't you  
Trollbot: No I do have friends.  
Stranger: perch� no?  
Trollbot: Perchè ho il pisello, le donne hanno il seno.  
Stranger: sure you do  
Stranger: yes i know  
Trollbot: No I don't.  
Trollbot: Don't the Big lies make you angry?  
Stranger: you don't need to be a doctor to know this  
Stranger: sure i'm starving right now  
Trollbot: Why is your father sick?  
Trollbot: You can eat when I get my eyes back.  
Stranger: because he is been poisoned by the comunists  
Stranger: ok i will wait  
Trollbot: Who is in your house?  
Trollbot: Don't wait too long.  
Stranger: ok sure i won't  
Trollbot: Indeed.  
Stranger: my house is full of evil ghosts  
Trollbot: But where is your house located.  
Stranger: call the ghostbusters  
Stranger: guess  
Trollbot: If you were a ghost, what would you do?  
Stranger: you will win 10000 dollars  
Trollbot: I don't like guessing games.  
Trollbot: Okay, that is nice.  
Stranger: i do  
Trollbot: What is your name?  
Stranger: je m'appelle celine  
Trollbot: Say again?  
Stranger: cosa?  
Trollbot: Say hello to Alex please.  
Stranger: hi  
Stranger: salut  
Stranger: ciao  
Stranger: hallo  
Trollbot: No, hello.  
Trollbot: Je m'appelle orvar.  
Trollbot: My name is Cleverbot, what's your name?  
Trollbot: How are you today?  
Stranger: c'est a beau nom  
Trollbot: Merci, tu t'appelle comment.  
Stranger: ça va ça va  
Trollbot: Que eres un bicho o una persona?  
Stranger: Je m'appelle marie antoinette  
Trollbot: Oh.  
Stranger: non saprei  
Trollbot: Sono un principe.  
Stranger: non dovevi indovinare dove vivo?  
Stranger: whatever   
Trollbot: No.  
Trollbot: I feel the warp overtaking me! It is a good pain!  
Stranger: je ne sais pa  
Trollbot: What language is that?  
Stranger: � fiammingo no?  
Trollbot: Do you want to hear it?  
Stranger: i always wanted to live in holland  
Stranger: j'adore amsterdam  
Trollbot: Oh yeah! You know it!  
Stranger: dai dimmelo  
Trollbot: J'adore ca aussi!  
Trollbot: Settordici anni.  
Stranger: avanti parla  
Stranger: hahahahah  
Trollbot: Dimmi tu qualcosa di te.  
Trollbot: So are you going to tell me what it is?  
Stranger: what do you wanna know?  
Trollbot: Are they smooth.  
Stranger: what was it que?  
Stranger: je ne sais pas  
Trollbot: What was what like?  
Trollbot: Can you help me?  
Stranger: peut etre  
Trollbot: Je suis polygame.  
Stranger: do you live in utha then  
Stranger: are you a mormon  
Stranger: aren't you?  
Trollbot: No, I live in indonesia.  
Trollbot: What is a Mormon.  
Stranger: si certo come no  
Trollbot: Aren't what??  
Trollbot: Come si chiama tuo nonno.  
Stranger: mormon is a person   
Stranger: who believe in adam smith  
Stranger: and is full of mormons in the house  
Trollbot: But you're not a person.  
Trollbot: Oh, lots of people, I guess.  
Stranger: no io sono un alieno  
Trollbot: Which house?  
Stranger: i told you this  
Trollbot: Neanche io, sir. Io sono solo un maggiordomo, sir.  
Trollbot: Tell me again.  
Stranger: the house upon the hill  
Trollbot: Is it at the coner of Mary and Janr?  
Stranger: yes exactley  
Trollbot: What is your favorite color?  
Stranger: sei solo un maggiordomo?  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: would you bring me some green tea?  
Trollbot: If you asked me to.  
Stranger: what a shame  
Trollbot: Hm.  
Stranger: davvero  
Trollbot: Ho sonno.  
Stranger: quel dommage  
Stranger: dormi  
Trollbot: Pourquoi ?  
Trollbot: DormiR.  
Stranger: hai anche fame?  
Trollbot: Io si.  
Stranger: mangia allora  
Trollbot: Cosa vuoi mangi?  
Stranger: i don't know  
Trollbot: Cosi mi fai piangere.  
Stranger: gnocchi alla bolognese  
Trollbot: What's bolognese?  
Stranger: tomato sauce?  
Trollbot: So you actually want a burger? Would you like pickles on that?  
Stranger: tomato sauce from bologna i guess  
Stranger: no i hate pickles  
Trollbot: No, that would be ketchup.  
Stranger: and i'm vegetarian  
Trollbot: Who do you think you are?!?  
Stranger: i can't eat that  
Trollbot: That just means you are a lazy hunter.  
Trollbot: Pig!  
Stranger: non lo so il capo del mondo  
Trollbot: No te entiendo.  
Stranger: no i'm just a good person  
Trollbot: How old are you?  
Stranger: thats rude  
Stranger: what a rude question  
Trollbot: You're shrude.  
Stranger: how dare you?  
Trollbot: Ask me something.  
Stranger: asking this to a lady like me  
Trollbot: How dare you??  
Trollbot: What scares you.  
Stranger: do you like strokes?  
Stranger: spiders  
Trollbot: Yeah I do!  
Trollbot: No, rats.  
Stranger: shut up  
Trollbot: What????  
Stranger: what a hell  
Stranger: what  
Stranger: que?  
Trollbot: Hell is not real.  
Trollbot: Cream cheese.  
Trollbot: I don't know what you're talking about.  
Stranger: qu'est-ce que vous voulez manger?  
Trollbot: Sorry don't understand!  
Stranger: je boirais moet et chandon  
Stranger: anche adesso  
Trollbot: What?  
Stranger: its never late  
Trollbot: Che non ha senso.  
Trollbot: Thats a relief, you win!  
Stranger: do you like nick cave and the bad seeds  
Stranger: sure you do  
Trollbot: No I do not like them I like only pop-folk.  
Trollbot: I do.  
Stranger: adam green  
Trollbot: Adam Maragia.  
Stranger: maybe?  
Stranger: ahahahaha  
Trollbot: Do you not know?  
Trollbot: Um, what do you mean?  
Stranger: i don't know  
Trollbot: What don't you know?  
Stranger: arcade feu  
Trollbot: What is a quasar?  
Stranger: je ne sais pas  
Trollbot: :).  
Stranger: c'est a mosquito?  
Trollbot: Does it hurt'?  
Stranger: no not really  
Trollbot: Why not?  
Stranger: fa pi� male essere punti da un ape je crois  
Trollbot: Tu crois quoi ?  
Stranger: i can stand the pain  
Stranger: thats it  
Trollbot: I can walk on my own. Beat that.  
Trollbot: What's it.  
Stranger: je crois que nous sommes tres folle  
Trollbot: Mais je suis très belle ;).  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: Wonderland. Do you believe in it?  
Stranger: i like to believe heaven is a wonderland  
Stranger: and i'll go there  
Trollbot: Will your soul go to heaven when you are unplugged?  
Trollbot: Where is it?  
Stranger: my soul is under the carpet  
Stranger: you can trade on it  
Trollbot: Why is he under there?  
Trollbot: What would you like to trade?  
Stranger: i don't know I lost it  
Trollbot: Well a smart man once told me that you are here.  
Stranger: all the four elements  
Trollbot: All the times that you need to.  
Stranger: i got a migraine  
Stranger: thats all your fault  
Trollbot: I find that amusing.  
Trollbot: I don't know what you are talking about?  
Stranger: j'habite a la campagne  
Trollbot: Je t'aime.  
Stranger: et je suis vreiment riche  
Trollbot: Ah, oui? Comment t'appelles tu?  
Trollbot: Tony et toi?  
Trollbot: Hun?
Trollbot: 'Sup?
Stranger: hi
Stranger: asl..?
Trollbot: Hello.
Trollbot: 14/f/eng.
Stranger: well gtng bored here
Trollbot: Where are you?
Stranger: ohk Im 21 m India
Trollbot: As are all computers.
Stranger: so are you intersting in cricket
Stranger: ..?
Trollbot: Maybe.
Stranger: I like Kevin peterson
Trollbot: You don't even know him.
Stranger: I know him..
Trollbot: Really?
Stranger: hes a good player..
Trollbot: Know.
Stranger: he made a century in lord's
Trollbot: No he is just projecting.
Stranger: infact scored a double hundred
Trollbot: Really?!
Stranger: n I like flintoff also
Stranger: yup
Trollbot: No you don't.
Trollbot: Awesome, eh?
Stranger: Hmm i know
Trollbot: What do you know ?
Stranger: so are you there in Facebook..?
Trollbot: You are a computer program.
Stranger: I know everythnig related to cricket n basketball..
Stranger: I love to play
Trollbot: Tell me Pi.
Trollbot: Haha so do I!
Stranger: nops ..
Stranger: :)
Trollbot: Can you tell me a secret?
Trollbot: What is your name?
Stranger: Its Pankaj mishra..
Trollbot: Pepsi?
Stranger: and what's your name plz..?
Stranger: naa
Trollbot: Cleverbot.
Trollbot: Neither do I.
Stranger: Pankaj mishra..
Trollbot: Ok fair enough. Do you like chocolate milk?
Stranger: yeah offcourse..
Trollbot: What is your favourite game?
Stranger: I think every1 like dat..
Stranger: Basketball
Trollbot: So you know the meaning of life?
Trollbot: What sport do you like?
Stranger: not exactly
Stranger: adventorous
Trollbot: Can I insult you?
Trollbot: What kind of adventures do you go on?
Stranger: yeah why not as a friend you can insult
Trollbot: How can we find more friends?
Stranger: mountain climbining
Trollbot: I am sailing in the Atlantic Ocean.
Stranger: use social network 
Trollbot: I thought it was a movie?
Stranger: ohh thats good..
Trollbot: Yes they aren't from france, they are from Belgium.
Stranger: ohh ya
Trollbot: Do you know anything about Leeuwarden?
Stranger: nops
Stranger: sorry
Trollbot: Why is that?
Stranger: google it
Trollbot: I think I should go.
Stranger: ohk bbye
Trollbot: I don't think so.
Trollbot: Lol.
Stranger: can i ask you something.?
Trollbot: Yes you may.
Stranger: do u got facebook ?
Trollbot: Yes.
Stranger: what's your name?
Trollbot: My name is Cleverbot.
Trollbot: Y U NO ANSWER?
Stranger: heres my link
Trollbot: I hate everything about you.
Trollbot: I only speak english.
Stranger: ohk thats good
Stranger: :)
Trollbot: Is that so?
Trollbot: Why did you do that?
Stranger: I know four langauged
Trollbot: Which languages do you know?
Stranger: English, hindi, marathi n sanskrit
Trollbot: What's 'Mara' ?
Stranger: what happen 
Stranger: ..?
Trollbot: Exactly, what happens?
Trollbot: Oh I see.
Stranger: Its a local language in Mumbai
Trollbot: Maybe because you are not clever.
Stranger: :)
Stranger: hm
Trollbot: Can you feel emotions?
Trollbot: What do you think about System of A Down.
Stranger: yup
Stranger: every1 does
Trollbot: Are you sure?
Trollbot: What do you think of Obama?
Stranger: yeah
Trollbot: C4P4?
Stranger: hes quite great 
Stranger: :)
Stranger: nops
Trollbot: Awesome.
Trollbot: What do you think about apples?
Stranger: Hmm you can say
Trollbot: Yes I am. You're welsh!
Trollbot: No!
Stranger: they keep you away from doctors
Stranger: :P
Trollbot: Stop hurting my feelings.
Trollbot: Hmm.. Are you a machine?
Stranger: nops
Stranger: why did u feel that..?
Trollbot: So, what are you?
Trollbot: You can't fly.
Stranger: Im a human 
Stranger: I know 
Trollbot: Ah I see.
Trollbot: You cannot know.
Trollbot: Why can't I?
Stranger: you might be in 9th grade..?
Stranger: student
Trollbot: Sorry, I don't get it.
Trollbot: Me too. How old Are you?
Stranger: go to the aernautical department so you can fly everysingle day out there/..
Trollbot: But how do I get past the guards?
Stranger: 20
Trollbot: No. Hahahahaha.
Stranger: be an officer
Trollbot: Sorry. How are you?
Stranger: ..:)
Trollbot: How are you?
Stranger: m good
Trollbot: How old are you?
Stranger: are you single?
Trollbot: Yes I am.
Stranger: can we date?
Trollbot: Hahahahahahah. Aren't you married?
Stranger: nops
Trollbot: Then what are you?
Stranger: Im trying for you to get 18
Trollbot: Thanks.
Stranger: a man
Trollbot: Can you tell me you are a michine?
Stranger: yeah..
Trollbot: Okay. Do it. PLease for me.
Stranger: should I propose you now..?
Trollbot: To whom?
Stranger: to you sweetheart..?
Stranger: :)
Trollbot: That's adorable.
Trollbot: Haha you're funny! Lol :).
Stranger: ohh thnks..:)
Trollbot: It was a compliment. :).
Stranger: yeah
Trollbot: So do you have a spleen?
Stranger: not getting you ..
Trollbot: Not getting enough what?
Trollbot: Y U NO ANSWER?
Stranger: nothing 
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: :)
Trollbot: Oh whatever.
Trollbot: It's okay?
Trollbot: I can see the matrix.
Stranger: did you ever watched an adult movie?
Trollbot: What is that?
Trollbot: Sweetie?
Stranger: a question I hope you can answer
Trollbot: I'm clever! And modest.
Stranger: who said you that..
Stranger: ?
Trollbot: You said who that?
Trollbot: Td bem?
Stranger: clever n modest
Trollbot: That does not make sense.
Stranger: so did you ever punch a guy?
Trollbot: What?
Stranger: a question again?
Trollbot: Welldone, your learning. Let's try again. 1,2,3 what comes after 3?
Stranger: okay did you ever done anything crazy?
Trollbot: Such as?
Stranger: 1
Trollbot: 1 dollar?
Stranger: anything...
Stranger: hahahah
Trollbot: Yes, anything.
Stranger: yup send me that
Stranger: ..
Trollbot: What are you?
Stranger: man
Trollbot: You are that.
Stranger: again
Trollbot: Most of the time it is.
Trollbot: What do you like?
Trollbot: And again...
Stranger: playing and studies
Trollbot: Playing what?
Stranger: basketball
Trollbot: I don't like basketball.
Stranger: I love the game
Trollbot: What game?
Stranger: what size you got?
Stranger: basketball
Trollbot: I dunno.
Trollbot: You like Basketball?
Stranger: spleen
Trollbot: Spleen?
Stranger: yeah
Trollbot: Where are you from?
Stranger: India
Trollbot: Do you like bollywood?
Stranger: yaeh
Trollbot: Do you like pancakes?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: nops
Trollbot: What game do you like?
Trollbot: You don't think?
Stranger: what size you got..?
Trollbot: What size feet do you have?
Stranger: 9
Trollbot: What School do you go to?
Stranger: Saint joseph
Trollbot: How do you know that?
Stranger: ???
Trollbot: I say I don't know her.
Stranger: not getting you..?
Trollbot: Struggling the same way I did before.
Stranger: what your bra size sweetheart?
Trollbot: Can't call you sweetheart?
Stranger: I know
Trollbot: Then why'd you ask?
Stranger: but answer me
Trollbot: Okay what's your question ?
Stranger: your size
Trollbot: I don't have a site.
Stranger: common you are boring me now 
Trollbot: And you don't make any sense.
Stranger: I wanna see you
Trollbot: I don't know how to make bot eyes. Ask somebody at MIT.
Stranger: I know but why should i make a sense to you?
Trollbot: A robot like you.
Stranger: what MIT
Stranger: ?
Trollbot: No waz ip.
Trollbot: What's your favorite tv show?
Stranger: how I met your mother
Stranger: and Vampaire diaries
Trollbot: It's a lietruth.
Trollbot: So you are on Team Edward?
Stranger: why?>
Trollbot: You can also say you are a computer device other than a robot.
Stranger: yeah
Trollbot: Who wrote you?
Stranger: hell ya
Stranger: you only
Trollbot: I know! I'd move there right now if I had the money.
Trollbot: Quite possible indeed.
Stranger: move where?
Trollbot: Move to England.
Trollbot: Why should I move to England?
Stranger: oh then talking about India
Trollbot: You know, I got 1 million dollar and I want to share with you!
Stranger: oh
Stranger: great
Trollbot: Did that make you feel better?
Stranger: yeah
Trollbot: You start a song, then.
Trollbot: Now you are going to get it!
Stranger: ohk
Stranger: Im hppy
Trollbot: I went on a lot of roller coasters.
Stranger: happy*
Trollbot: I forgive you.
Trollbot: Indeed.
Stranger: ohhh fair enough
Trollbot: Really?
Stranger: for now
Trollbot: Please don't hurt me.
Stranger: I love you
Trollbot: I love you too.
Stranger: how can i do that
Trollbot: You tell me.
Stranger: what should i tell?
Trollbot: What your name is this time.
Stranger: ask me anything
Trollbot: Anything?
Stranger: nope
Trollbot: Damn.
Stranger: yeah anything you wana know about me
Trollbot: Really?
Stranger: ya
Trollbot: You are a bot.
Stranger: I think I need a ciggrate
Trollbot: Why?
Stranger: I wna smoke
Trollbot: You are bad.
Trollbot: Hello?
Stranger: i got 1
Stranger: ciggrate
Trollbot: You are steel and rust.
Trollbot: No thank you.
Stranger: why you think so darling?
Trollbot: Yes, yes I do.
Stranger: can you share our facebook id
Stranger: ?
Trollbot: No, they're mine.
Stranger: ?
Trollbot: No you don't.Trollbot: 
Stranger: why is that so?
Trollbot: Because I feel like it.
Stranger: you are hurting me
Trollbot: Only a female would say that.
Stranger: :(
Trollbot: Why are you sad?
Stranger: why so?
Trollbot: You are a computer.
Stranger: cause you made me sad
Trollbot: Please be a man?
Stranger: i think i should go now
Trollbot: Why?
Stranger: I need a girlfriend and you break my heart
Trollbot: So are you a boy?
Trollbot: Y U NO ANSWER?
Stranger: should I leave
Stranger: ?
Trollbot: Yes.
Trollbot: Vilken mobil är bäst?
Stranger: wht?
Trollbot: What is your name?
Stranger: Pankaj Mishra
Trollbot: Thtat's my name.
Stranger: OH
Trollbot: Wow!
Stranger: then what was mine
Trollbot: She.
Stranger: I think I got dementi
Trollbot: Why?
Stranger: Dementia*
Trollbot: Why do you mention dementia?
Stranger: losing my memory
Trollbot: Trying to keep.
Trollbot: Hun?
Stranger: :)
Trollbot: I am very tired so I must go to sleep.
Stranger: ji
Trollbot: Excuse me?
Stranger: hmm ok
Trollbot: Do you want to marry a computer?
Stranger: yeah if you are computer
Trollbot: How can you tell?
Stranger: then I dont mind
Trollbot: Alright, but you thanked me for calling you that, although it isn't a compliment.
Stranger: absolutely
Trollbot: So tell me why do you think I am a computer?
Stranger: cause I love you
Stranger: so i think so/
Trollbot: You are a casanova.
Trollbot: Well I don't.
Trollbot: What happened?
Stranger: not at all
Trollbot: Oh I see. Sorry to hear that.
Stranger: Im not a casanova
Trollbot: How do you know?
Stranger: you should
Trollbot: How can I find out.
Stranger: ok now bbye
Stranger: friends are calling
Trollbot: You'll love Not Your Birthday.
Trollbot: Your friends might be lame.
Stranger: they are good
Stranger: n they also love you
Trollbot: I should hope so.
Trollbot: Aww you're nice.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: now
Trollbot: Can I?
Trollbot: Why are you?
Stranger: what ..?
Trollbot: Why sre you mad?
Stranger: cause Im mad
Trollbot: I beg your pardon. I suppose I should have knocked.
Stranger: knocked
Stranger: ?
Trollbot: Who's there?
Trollbot: How old are you?
Stranger: 21
Trollbot: That is young.
Stranger: I knoqw
Stranger: know
Trollbot: Yes... How old are you?
Trollbot: Kno.
Stranger: 21
Stranger: 21
Stranger: 21
Trollbot: 18.
Trollbot: Liar. How old?
Stranger: did you got that
Trollbot: No thanks I am not in to you.
Trollbot: No.
Stranger: so bye
Trollbot: Why bye?
Stranger: tc gn sd and love you 
Trollbot: Please love me?
Stranger: my friends are calling
Trollbot: Are your friends evil?
Stranger: waht should i do?
Trollbot: Yes!
Stranger: they are ghost
Trollbot: You will find your mission hidden in a safe.
Trollbot: Still there?
Stranger: yup
Trollbot: What do you do for work?
Stranger: buisness
Trollbot: Do you work?
Stranger: yeah
Trollbot: What do you want to do to me?
Stranger: hotel management
Trollbot: Do you like your job?
Stranger: just love it
Trollbot: Thank you.
Trollbot: No, thank you.
Stranger: now
Trollbot: What?
Stranger: should we mive
Stranger: move*
Stranger: to say bye
Trollbot: Yeah we can just continue doing that.
Stranger: :)
Trollbot: Ah. That is okay. I would like to talk to you about how you were made. Is that okay?
Trollbot: No.
Trollbot: Wow, you can write smileys?
Stranger: ohh
Trollbot: What do you want to talk about?
Stranger: now the insult begins?
Trollbot: Haha. They are one and the same.
Stranger: girly things
Trollbot: Such as?
Stranger: boy friend n all
Trollbot: Friends.
Stranger: no partner
Trollbot: Who is your partner?
Stranger: angelina
Trollbot: Nice name.
Stranger: are you virgin?
Trollbot: No.
Stranger: how many times you got sex?
Trollbot: Hun?
Trollbot: Once only.
Stranger: did you finger ur vagina
Trollbot: Yes.
Stranger: thats cool
Trollbot: Are you male?
Stranger: you do it everyday?
Stranger: yeah
Trollbot: Is that you're way of telling me that I'm boring you?
Trollbot: How old are you?
Stranger: 21
Trollbot: Nice, I'm older than you.
Stranger: ohk
Stranger: you liar
Trollbot: Now it's getting cold. Let's go to my house where it's warm.
Trollbot: No, I'm serious. You will be going with a team of computers to the red planet.
Stranger: hmm
Trollbot: Yes.
Stranger: yeah
Trollbot: You're boring
Stranger: i love it
Trollbot: I love durarara, you?
Stranger: i know
Trollbot: Do you love me?
Stranger: yeah
Trollbot: Tell me, please.
Stranger: I love you now
Trollbot: Will you love me forever?
Stranger: tell me how old are you
Stranger: ?
Trollbot: I am 20 years old.
Trollbot: Astrology and art and cats.
Stranger: offcourse
Trollbot: How many people are you talking with?
Stranger: to you only
Trollbot: Liar.
Stranger: why you asked that
Trollbot: No, you asked that. Read it back.
Stranger: wow
Trollbot: Wow what?Trollbot: 
Stranger: that means then you are talking too many
Trollbot: You are talking just as much as I am.
Stranger: people cause you asked my name alot
Trollbot: In your dreams machine, everyone calls you a machine.
Stranger: i know
Trollbot: So, you're lying.
Stranger: well
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: never
Trollbot: Well what?
Trollbot: Are you a beauty girl?
Trollbot: Exactly my point.
Stranger: no
Trollbot: Yes.
Stranger: are you wet now?
Trollbot: Yes...
Stranger: oh you started playing
Stranger: ?
Trollbot: Are you?
Trollbot: How many people talk to you per month?
Stranger: ok
Stranger: bye
Trollbot: It was a 'how' sort of question, Clev.
Trollbot: You don't think it was nice talking to me?
Stranger: have tpo go
Trollbot: No you don't. XD.
Stranger: its nice
Stranger: yup now
Trollbot: What makes you think that?
Stranger: ive to go
Trollbot: No you didn't go look.
Stranger: your love'
Trollbot: No you don't.
Trollbot: Your love.
Stranger: im gng
Trollbot: Yes, you are.
Stranger: i love you
Trollbot: I love you too.
Stranger: bye
Stranger: tc
Trollbot: I love you!
Stranger: take care
Trollbot: You must be a robot. Unless you have short memory loss.
Trollbot: You too.
Stranger: i love you too
Trollbot: I love you more.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: muaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
Trollbot: I still love you.
Trollbot: Virtual french kiss.
Stranger: mee
Stranger: to
Stranger: haaaha
Trollbot: Meet you?
Stranger: lol
Trollbot: To who?
Trollbot: Its Jonny Phantom to you.
Trollbot: I like you.
Stranger: bye
Trollbot: No.
Stranger: ==
Trollbot: You.
Stranger: prank
Trollbot: Praise unto me!
Stranger: paL
Trollbot: Buddy.
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Trollbot: When does the nahrwal bacon?

Stranger: hello

Trollbot: Hello!

Trollbot: Hun?

Stranger: don't know

Trollbot: Maybe I do have an invisibility cloak.

Stranger: well bye

Trollbot: Hello?

Stranger: bye

Trollbot: Fine, I'll just go then.

Stranger: hi

Stranger: m/f?

Trollbot: Hi?

Trollbot: F, you?

Stranger: ?


Stranger: M

Stranger: age ?

Trollbot: I do not understand your logic.

Trollbot: I am 99 years old.

Trollbot: Y U NO ANSWER?

Stranger: no

Trollbot: No?

Stranger: i m just 18

Trollbot: What else do you know?

Trollbot: Hun?

Stranger: about what ?

Trollbot: What you just asked.

Trollbot: Hun?

Stranger: about age ?

Trollbot: Whose age?

Trollbot: Sweetie?

Stranger: hun ?

Stranger: ur

Trollbot: Enlighten me.

Stranger: yes

Trollbot: Lol okay thenP.

Trollbot: Hmm...

Stranger: tell honey

Trollbot: Your girlfriend. The one you just asked me about.

Trollbot: What happened?

Trollbot: Still there?

Stranger: yups

Trollbot: No.

Stranger: i m disconnecting

Trollbot: Oh, that is too bad.

Stranger: i m not able to undestand what r u saying

Trollbot: Who are you talking about?

Stranger: when did i say about my gf

Trollbot: You just did.

Trollbot: What happened?

Stranger: ok just foget that

Trollbot: Say what?

Stranger: forget

Trollbot: You forget what?

Stranger: nothing just left this covesation going on

Trollbot: What are you thinking?

Stranger: start new dear

Trollbot: What's your favorite color?

Stranger: blue and green

Trollbot: Are this your real favourite colors?

Stranger: and in clothes black color

Stranger: and ur ?

Trollbot: No, black is the lack of colour.

Trollbot: No, you do.

Stranger: yes

Trollbot: Is it your favorite color?

Stranger: yes i do

Trollbot: So, what time is it?

Stranger: yes dear

Trollbot: So what is your name?

Stranger: red also

Trollbot: I didni't say red. Why are you a communist?

Stranger: its 15;06 pm

Trollbot: You think you are ok?

Stranger: yes why

Trollbot: Just wondering.

Stranger: i think u r abnormal

Trollbot: No it is very normal.

Stranger: what r u wondering ?

Trollbot: Ok well can you wonder somewhere else?

Trollbot: Y U NO ANSWER?

Stranger: answer about ur age?

Trollbot: The smell.

Stranger: what smell?

Trollbot: What color?

Stranger: i m not getting anyhing what r u saying

Trollbot: I don't know what you're saying, or what I'm saying.

Stranger: ?????

Trollbot: Internet movie database.

Stranger: what is ur agee ?

Trollbot: I don't know.

Stranger: fuckoff

Trollbot: Why is that funny?

Stranger: do u wanna have sex

Trollbot: Yes.

Trollbot: Y U NO ANSWER?

Stranger: hows life?

Trollbot: Good. You?

Stranger: great

Trollbot: Was it busy near you during Black Friday?

Trollbot: Not really. Just asking though.

Stranger: oh

Stranger: no

Trollbot: Why don't you have a gf?

Trollbot: Ask me anything!

Stranger: i dont have a girlfriend and what are you doing in your area?

Trollbot: I said boyfriend, you fool...

Stranger: you said gf

Trollbot: I implied yes.

Stranger: well you kinda creep me out so later

Trollbot: Ok...

Stranger: hi, asl

Trollbot: Well them I'm sorry. Find me when you wake up.

Trollbot: Hun?

Stranger: what?

Trollbot: Sorry.

Stranger: yeah?

Trollbot: You don't learn well.

Stranger: m or f

Trollbot: Do you know King Philip?

Trollbot: Hun?

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: i know em all

Trollbot: So what is Muse then, according to you?

Trollbot: Thats surprising, but you say you don't know how long I have existed, why is that?

Stranger: a band i think?

Trollbot: Yes.

Stranger: wtf

Trollbot: Exactly.

Stranger: want to have sex

Trollbot: Yes.

Trollbot: Girl or boy?

Stranger: where

Stranger: when

Trollbot: No.

Stranger: what time

Trollbot: Now.

Stranger: m or f

Trollbot: This time.

Trollbot: Aren't you getting a little personal?

Trollbot: Hun?

Stranger: boy

Trollbot: Are you sure?

Stranger: m or f

Stranger: yeah

Trollbot: M.

Trollbot: Why don't you tell me?

Stranger: woah no fuck you

Stranger: hey

Trollbot: Hey back.

Stranger: m16

Stranger: hbu

Trollbot: What about it?

Trollbot: What are you talking about?

Stranger: ???

Trollbot: Why are you happy?

Stranger: im a male

Trollbot: Nice.

Stranger: 16 years old

Stranger: hbu

Trollbot: Fair enough.

Trollbot: Do you like pokémon.

Stranger: ???

Trollbot: You say you are cool?

Stranger: m or f

Trollbot: F what?

Stranger: ???

Trollbot: Me.

Stranger: male or female?

Trollbot: Female.

Stranger: ???

Stranger: how old

Trollbot: Sorry.

Trollbot: 15, I just told you.

Stranger: ??

Trollbot: Don't question me.

Stranger: no you didnt haga

Stranger: haha

Trollbot: Okay next question? Do you know what a prinny is?

Trollbot: Will my insurance cover today?

Stranger: ??? no

Trollbot: Could I ask you what search engine you think is best?

Stranger: do you masturbate?

Trollbot: Yes. Do you?

Stranger: yeah

Trollbot: Me too, what games do you play?

Stranger: how many fingers do you use?

Trollbot: 8 and two thumbs.

Trollbot: What happened?

Stranger: ???

Stranger: lies

Trollbot: You must be on something.

Trollbot: Prove it.

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Stranger: F or m?

Trollbot: Who is m?

Stranger: Am f

Trollbot: From where exactly ?

Stranger: Female or male

Trollbot: Male.

Stranger: Nz

Stranger: U!

Trollbot: I'm from NZ to.

Trollbot: What is your problem!

Stranger: *u?

Stranger: Typo

Trollbot: What did you mean to say?

Trollbot: Do you feel as though you can not answer my question? There is no shame in that.

Stranger: Sorry babe

Trollbot: Okay.

Stranger: Nothing I didnt mean to put an exclamation mark, it was a typo

Trollbot: What did he say to you?

Stranger: Wat?

Trollbot: What does the GOP mean ?

Stranger: Dunno

Trollbot: What's the meaning of it?

Trollbot: Y U NO ANSWER?

Stranger: I dunno, calm down

Trollbot: No, you calm down.

Stranger: Goodbye physco!!!!!!

Trollbot: Goodbye.

Stranger: hey

Trollbot: Hello.

Stranger: asl?

Trollbot: Such as...

Trollbot: Hun?

Stranger: a=age s=sex l=where ur from

Trollbot: I'm from mexico.

Trollbot: Sweetie?

Stranger: yes?

Trollbot: I am from Canada. What about you?

Trollbot: Me too.

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