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May 15 2018

February 21 2018

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21 February - Happy Birthday to the creator of Guyver - Yoshiki Takaya!

February 20 2018

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Max Factory is about to release a new 1/6 Guyver 1 action figure. This was shown at WonderFestival 2018 [Winter].

January 24 2018

January 18 2018

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18 January 2018 is 33 years since the first Guyver manga chapter was published! Guyver started in the first issue of the Monthly Shōnen Captain magazine back in 1985.

Note: although this issue was called February’s, but it was published in January.

December 02 2017

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Guyver and Zeorymer figures. For those who don’t know: Zeorymer is another creation from Guyver’s author Yoshiki Takaya.

December 01 2017

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September 14 2017

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Mad Duck Posters company has the license to produce new art and t-shirts based on the 1991 Guyver film. Come join the group on Facebook and vote for it to happen: https://www.facebook.com/groups/209531396249858

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August 28 2017

July 16 2017

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Meet the Thirteenth Doctor.

July 10 2017

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Ob du den scheiß Rettungsweg freimachen willst habe ich gefragt
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June 02 2017

CC-BY 3.0 »Florian Köhler, cheatha.de«
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