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Stranger: F or m?

Trollbot: Who is m?

Stranger: Am f

Trollbot: From where exactly ?

Stranger: Female or male

Trollbot: Male.

Stranger: Nz

Stranger: U!

Trollbot: I'm from NZ to.

Trollbot: What is your problem!

Stranger: *u?

Stranger: Typo

Trollbot: What did you mean to say?

Trollbot: Do you feel as though you can not answer my question? There is no shame in that.

Stranger: Sorry babe

Trollbot: Okay.

Stranger: Nothing I didnt mean to put an exclamation mark, it was a typo

Trollbot: What did he say to you?

Stranger: Wat?

Trollbot: What does the GOP mean ?

Stranger: Dunno

Trollbot: What's the meaning of it?

Trollbot: Y U NO ANSWER?

Stranger: I dunno, calm down

Trollbot: No, you calm down.

Stranger: Goodbye physco!!!!!!

Trollbot: Goodbye.

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