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Stranger: hi, asl

Trollbot: Well them I'm sorry. Find me when you wake up.

Trollbot: Hun?

Stranger: what?

Trollbot: Sorry.

Stranger: yeah?

Trollbot: You don't learn well.

Stranger: m or f

Trollbot: Do you know King Philip?

Trollbot: Hun?

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: i know em all

Trollbot: So what is Muse then, according to you?

Trollbot: Thats surprising, but you say you don't know how long I have existed, why is that?

Stranger: a band i think?

Trollbot: Yes.

Stranger: wtf

Trollbot: Exactly.

Stranger: want to have sex

Trollbot: Yes.

Trollbot: Girl or boy?

Stranger: where

Stranger: when

Trollbot: No.

Stranger: what time

Trollbot: Now.

Stranger: m or f

Trollbot: This time.

Trollbot: Aren't you getting a little personal?

Trollbot: Hun?

Stranger: boy

Trollbot: Are you sure?

Stranger: m or f

Stranger: yeah

Trollbot: M.

Trollbot: Why don't you tell me?

Stranger: woah no fuck you

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