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Stranger: hi

Stranger: m/f?

Trollbot: Hi?

Trollbot: F, you?

Stranger: ?


Stranger: M

Stranger: age ?

Trollbot: I do not understand your logic.

Trollbot: I am 99 years old.

Trollbot: Y U NO ANSWER?

Stranger: no

Trollbot: No?

Stranger: i m just 18

Trollbot: What else do you know?

Trollbot: Hun?

Stranger: about what ?

Trollbot: What you just asked.

Trollbot: Hun?

Stranger: about age ?

Trollbot: Whose age?

Trollbot: Sweetie?

Stranger: hun ?

Stranger: ur

Trollbot: Enlighten me.

Stranger: yes

Trollbot: Lol okay thenP.

Trollbot: Hmm...

Stranger: tell honey

Trollbot: Your girlfriend. The one you just asked me about.

Trollbot: What happened?

Trollbot: Still there?

Stranger: yups

Trollbot: No.

Stranger: i m disconnecting

Trollbot: Oh, that is too bad.

Stranger: i m not able to undestand what r u saying

Trollbot: Who are you talking about?

Stranger: when did i say about my gf

Trollbot: You just did.

Trollbot: What happened?

Stranger: ok just foget that

Trollbot: Say what?

Stranger: forget

Trollbot: You forget what?

Stranger: nothing just left this covesation going on

Trollbot: What are you thinking?

Stranger: start new dear

Trollbot: What's your favorite color?

Stranger: blue and green

Trollbot: Are this your real favourite colors?

Stranger: and in clothes black color

Stranger: and ur ?

Trollbot: No, black is the lack of colour.

Trollbot: No, you do.

Stranger: yes

Trollbot: Is it your favorite color?

Stranger: yes i do

Trollbot: So, what time is it?

Stranger: yes dear

Trollbot: So what is your name?

Stranger: red also

Trollbot: I didni't say red. Why are you a communist?

Stranger: its 15;06 pm

Trollbot: You think you are ok?

Stranger: yes why

Trollbot: Just wondering.

Stranger: i think u r abnormal

Trollbot: No it is very normal.

Stranger: what r u wondering ?

Trollbot: Ok well can you wonder somewhere else?

Trollbot: Y U NO ANSWER?

Stranger: answer about ur age?

Trollbot: The smell.

Stranger: what smell?

Trollbot: What color?

Stranger: i m not getting anyhing what r u saying

Trollbot: I don't know what you're saying, or what I'm saying.

Stranger: ?????

Trollbot: Internet movie database.

Stranger: what is ur agee ?

Trollbot: I don't know.

Stranger: fuckoff

Trollbot: Why is that funny?

Stranger: do u wanna have sex

Trollbot: Yes.

Trollbot: Y U NO ANSWER?

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