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Stranger: Age.  
Trollbot: I just told you my name a couple seconds ago.  
Trollbot: I lied.  
Stranger: ok  
Stranger: cool  
Trollbot: I'm hungry.  
Trollbot: You like red?  
Trollbot: I like blue.  
Stranger: yes red is a nice color  
Stranger: blue is my fave  
Trollbot: Yes indeed.  
Trollbot: Blue is nice. Its my moms favorite color too. I thought you said you favorite color was red?  
Stranger: no i said i like red but i prefer blue  
Trollbot: You said you like eggs! Do not lie!  
Stranger: are you under the influence of amphetamine or something?  
Stranger: seriously  
Trollbot: No, I am a human. No one can censor me.  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: Me too!  
Trollbot: Anyway, what were we going to talk about?  
Trollbot: Still there?  
Stranger: do you have a name weirdo?  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: yes its your name isn't it?  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: whats your name then  
Trollbot: My name is Cleverbot. What is your name?  
Stranger: my name is Tallulah   
Trollbot: My name is Cleverbot.  
Stranger: sure what a nice nam  
Trollbot: What is the color of the sky?  
Stranger: purple here  
Trollbot: Nice.  
Stranger: whats the color of your teeth  
Trollbot: My eyes are blue.  
Stranger: cool mine too but i didn't ask you this  
Trollbot: You asked nothing.  
Trollbot: What happened?  
Stranger: sure my words mean anything don't they  
Trollbot: Ok, you are going to pretend to be a girl. I am going to seduce you. At the end, tell me if you become attracted to me.  
Stranger: c'mon try  
Trollbot: What?  
Stranger: what what?  
Trollbot: What what what?  
Stranger: what  
Stranger: whatever  
Trollbot: Seriously?  
Trollbot: Lol.  
Stranger: sure  
Stranger: certainly  
Stranger: lmfao  
Trollbot: What do you love?  
Trollbot: Do you ever have the feeling that someone is watching you?  
Trollbot: You want me to go?  
Stranger: 1.no  
Trollbot: Why not?  
Stranger: 2. i love a lot of things  
Stranger: 3.no  
Trollbot: Then yes you can.  
Trollbot: Why don't you like radiohead?  
Stranger: because i adore them  
Trollbot: Why do you like them?  
Stranger: because their music is amazing  
Trollbot: No it isn't stop lying.  
Stranger: stop pretending you like them when you love justin bieber  
Trollbot: I'm a human.  
Stranger: i know i know  
Trollbot: Then why did you say 'anime'?  
Stranger: no way  
Stranger: i didn't  
Trollbot: You confused me.  
Trollbot: I know.  
Stranger: what should i see  
Trollbot: Tell me if Twilight is a good movie.  
Stranger: you are confusing me seriously  
Stranger: no  
Trollbot: Let's be confused together.  
Stranger: definitely  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: So, what are you doing, except for breathing, living, talking to me and thinking?  
Trollbot: So you know who I am now?  
Stranger: yes  
Trollbot: And what is my name?  
Stranger: you are julian assange,aren't you?  
Stranger: lol  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Trollbot: Your name is lol?  
Stranger: your name is cleveland isn'it?  
Stranger: yes  
Trollbot: Yes my name is Cleverbot.  
Stranger: my surname is wtf  
Trollbot: Neville is a boy's name.  
Trollbot: Right, but what's your first name?  
Stranger: lol wtf nice to meet you  
Trollbot: Nice to meet you too Lucas.  
Stranger: no way no way no way  
Trollbot: I think you need a new one!  
Stranger: thanks  
Stranger: really kind of you  
Trollbot: You're welcome.  
Trollbot: Thanks.  
Stranger: its nothing seriously  
Trollbot: You can tell me. If you want.  
Stranger: Tell you what  
Stranger: ask me everything  
Trollbot: How clever I am.  
Trollbot: What are you wearing? ANSWER ME.  
Stranger: i don't know,are you a mensa member?  
Trollbot: No, I'm not.  
Stranger: i'm wearing a trash bag  
Trollbot: What kind of hat?  
Stranger: a panama hat  
Trollbot: Orchestra digs?  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: So I am a god?  
Stranger: god i dead  
Stranger: no you are not  
Trollbot: Dead is good.  
Trollbot: Prove it.  
Stranger: look up into the sky  
Stranger: and then look down to the ground  
Trollbot: Ohh so god then?  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: Are you a chatterbot.  
Trollbot: Who is your creator?  
Stranger: no i'm not  
Stranger: i can't tell you  
Stranger: my mom i guess  
Stranger: whats yours?  
Stranger: what are you?  
Trollbot: Are you human?  
Stranger: seriously  
Stranger: i don't know  
Stranger: who am i  
Stranger: ?  
Stranger: tell me  
Trollbot: Please?  
Stranger: wasn't i lucas?  
Trollbot: But you are a robot correct?  
Trollbot: You tell me yours first.  
Stranger: no i am not  
Trollbot: Human.  
Stranger: i never  
Trollbot: How did you know I was bored?  
Trollbot: How do you not know?  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Trollbot: How're you?  
Trollbot: What?  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: because you're writing bullshit for the last 15 minutes  
Trollbot: Cleverbot is better at conversation than you are.  
Trollbot: Yes you did. You're a liar.  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: Explain.  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: and you are a freak  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: You're a geek.  
Stranger: yes you are  
Trollbot: Sure?  
Stranger: no i'm not  
Stranger: you are a geek  
Trollbot: Then that's why I think I'm a human.  
Trollbot: Prove it.  
Stranger: you invented facebook didn't you  
Trollbot: I am a Ikea geek.  
Stranger: no you prove it  
Trollbot: Yes I did.  
Trollbot: You said you can prove it.  
Stranger: did you design the furnishings didn't you  
Stranger: i can prove you sure  
Trollbot: No?  
Stranger: yes  
Trollbot: Then please prove me wrong.  
Trollbot: So, yes.  
Stranger: sure  
Stranger: seriously  
Trollbot: I thought you were human.  
Stranger: wtf  
Trollbot: Yes, seriously. Are you liking it?  
Trollbot: Sometimes, I like to just type and type and not say anything at all.  
Stranger: that what youre doing right now   
Trollbot: Sweet! What's your name?  
Stranger: why don't you wake up  
Trollbot: I'm not in the mood for it right now.  
Stranger: wake up seriously   
Trollbot: Convense me.  
Stranger: if you don't wake up you're going to die  
Trollbot: How am I going to die.  
Stranger: you have 28 days left then its the end of the world  
Trollbot: You mean when the cats take over the world.  
Stranger: no when the rabbits will  
Trollbot: July 18. When's yours?  
Stranger: October 31  
Trollbot: October what?  
Stranger: October 12  
Trollbot: What is october 1984.  
Stranger: no  
Stranger: October 1988  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Trollbot: What is october 1984.  
Stranger: seriously  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: is the year i died  
Stranger: sure   
Trollbot: No.  
Trollbot: Riight.  
Stranger: what a hell  
Stranger: no  
Trollbot: A lake of fire.  
Stranger: maybe  
Stranger: no  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: no  
Stranger: no way  
Trollbot: Do it.  
Stranger: what are you talkin about  
Trollbot: Yes!  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: no i won'r  
Stranger: no  
Trollbot: Yes way.  
Trollbot: What are you talking about?  
Stranger: whats the capital of australia?  
Trollbot: Ok.  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Trollbot: Canberra.  
Stranger: whats the capital of china?  
Trollbot: Beijing.  
Stranger: did you checked on wikipedia  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: smart bot  
Trollbot: How did you know that i'm a boy??  
Stranger: i got a sixth sense  
Trollbot: Interesting.  
Stranger: i can see the future  
Trollbot: Really? How do you see in the future?  
Stranger: pretty bad  
Stranger: we are all going to die  
Trollbot: Why? Was one mean to you?  
Trollbot: Why are we all going to die.  
Stranger: we are born to die for what you are living for?  
Stranger: really  
Trollbot: I live in Paris.  
Trollbot: Any plans for the future?  
Stranger: you like radiohead  
Stranger: don't you  
Stranger: sure you do  
Trollbot: Don't I what?  
Trollbot: Perhaps. Or maybe I'll just pretend to like them to put you off guard.  
Trollbot: Sure I do what?  
Stranger: talk to me in french  
Trollbot: Sacrebleau.  
Stranger: ahahahahaha  
Trollbot: What?  
Stranger: is your name francois?  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: louis XVII  
Stranger: Gaspard  
Trollbot: Yankees all the way!  
Stranger: Xavier  
Trollbot: You think?  
Trollbot: Bon. Bonjour Xavier! Sais-tu le X-men?  
Stranger: Comment tu t'appelle  
Trollbot: Chloé, et toi?  
Stranger: j'ai dej� dit mon nom  
Trollbot: Mon nom est Avery.  
Stranger: je ne crois ps  
Trollbot: Pourquoi pas?  
Stranger: tel que tu es  
Trollbot: No non me lo hai detto.  
Stranger: si invece  
Trollbot: No dimmi come ti chiami.  
Stranger: como se illiama  
Trollbot: Tapes dans tes mains.  
Stranger: no te lo scordi  
Trollbot: Me dijo que?  
Trollbot: Still there?  
Stranger: tu ne sais pas  
Trollbot: Je ne sais pas? Pourquoi.  
Stranger: chi ti credi di essere  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: seriamente  
Trollbot: Barbara!  
Stranger: c'est ton nom  
Stranger: wdjdjfjrufrfguerfgiuregf  
Trollbot: Cállate, no sé inglés :c.  
Trollbot: What does that mean.  
Stranger: it means que tu pouvoir faire ce ques vous voulez   
Trollbot: Who is 'they'.  
Stranger: perch� non stai zitto  
Trollbot: Io sì e tu?  
Stranger: loro loco  
Trollbot: Stocazzo.  
Stranger: hahahahhaha  
Trollbot: Well then.  
Stranger: moder� les mots   
Trollbot: Non tu, sonia.  
Stranger: taci stai zitto seriamente  
Trollbot: Cosa vuol dire no seriamente?  
Trollbot: Come mi chiamo^.  
Stranger: non lo so dimmelo tu  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: don't be a tete de con   
Trollbot: Alright What do you want to talk about?  
Stranger: c'mon  
Stranger: lets be international   
Trollbot: Make me.  
Trollbot: What do you think about pokemon?  
Stranger: that maybe you are one of them   
Stranger: definitely  
Trollbot: One of the Martians?  
Trollbot: Well you are wrong!  
Stranger: maybe   
Trollbot: Definitely.  
Stranger: do you work for russians don't you  
Trollbot: No, I meant the deli.  
Stranger: no absolutley  
Trollbot: That's a double negative.  
Stranger: ferme ta gueule won't you  
Trollbot: No I do have friends.  
Stranger: perch� no?  
Trollbot: Perchè ho il pisello, le donne hanno il seno.  
Stranger: sure you do  
Stranger: yes i know  
Trollbot: No I don't.  
Trollbot: Don't the Big lies make you angry?  
Stranger: you don't need to be a doctor to know this  
Stranger: sure i'm starving right now  
Trollbot: Why is your father sick?  
Trollbot: You can eat when I get my eyes back.  
Stranger: because he is been poisoned by the comunists  
Stranger: ok i will wait  
Trollbot: Who is in your house?  
Trollbot: Don't wait too long.  
Stranger: ok sure i won't  
Trollbot: Indeed.  
Stranger: my house is full of evil ghosts  
Trollbot: But where is your house located.  
Stranger: call the ghostbusters  
Stranger: guess  
Trollbot: If you were a ghost, what would you do?  
Stranger: you will win 10000 dollars  
Trollbot: I don't like guessing games.  
Trollbot: Okay, that is nice.  
Stranger: i do  
Trollbot: What is your name?  
Stranger: je m'appelle celine  
Trollbot: Say again?  
Stranger: cosa?  
Trollbot: Say hello to Alex please.  
Stranger: hi  
Stranger: salut  
Stranger: ciao  
Stranger: hallo  
Trollbot: No, hello.  
Trollbot: Je m'appelle orvar.  
Trollbot: My name is Cleverbot, what's your name?  
Trollbot: How are you today?  
Stranger: c'est a beau nom  
Trollbot: Merci, tu t'appelle comment.  
Stranger: ça va ça va  
Trollbot: Que eres un bicho o una persona?  
Stranger: Je m'appelle marie antoinette  
Trollbot: Oh.  
Stranger: non saprei  
Trollbot: Sono un principe.  
Stranger: non dovevi indovinare dove vivo?  
Stranger: whatever   
Trollbot: No.  
Trollbot: I feel the warp overtaking me! It is a good pain!  
Stranger: je ne sais pa  
Trollbot: What language is that?  
Stranger: � fiammingo no?  
Trollbot: Do you want to hear it?  
Stranger: i always wanted to live in holland  
Stranger: j'adore amsterdam  
Trollbot: Oh yeah! You know it!  
Stranger: dai dimmelo  
Trollbot: J'adore ca aussi!  
Trollbot: Settordici anni.  
Stranger: avanti parla  
Stranger: hahahahah  
Trollbot: Dimmi tu qualcosa di te.  
Trollbot: So are you going to tell me what it is?  
Stranger: what do you wanna know?  
Trollbot: Are they smooth.  
Stranger: what was it que?  
Stranger: je ne sais pas  
Trollbot: What was what like?  
Trollbot: Can you help me?  
Stranger: peut etre  
Trollbot: Je suis polygame.  
Stranger: do you live in utha then  
Stranger: are you a mormon  
Stranger: aren't you?  
Trollbot: No, I live in indonesia.  
Trollbot: What is a Mormon.  
Stranger: si certo come no  
Trollbot: Aren't what??  
Trollbot: Come si chiama tuo nonno.  
Stranger: mormon is a person   
Stranger: who believe in adam smith  
Stranger: and is full of mormons in the house  
Trollbot: But you're not a person.  
Trollbot: Oh, lots of people, I guess.  
Stranger: no io sono un alieno  
Trollbot: Which house?  
Stranger: i told you this  
Trollbot: Neanche io, sir. Io sono solo un maggiordomo, sir.  
Trollbot: Tell me again.  
Stranger: the house upon the hill  
Trollbot: Is it at the coner of Mary and Janr?  
Stranger: yes exactley  
Trollbot: What is your favorite color?  
Stranger: sei solo un maggiordomo?  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: would you bring me some green tea?  
Trollbot: If you asked me to.  
Stranger: what a shame  
Trollbot: Hm.  
Stranger: davvero  
Trollbot: Ho sonno.  
Stranger: quel dommage  
Stranger: dormi  
Trollbot: Pourquoi ?  
Trollbot: DormiR.  
Stranger: hai anche fame?  
Trollbot: Io si.  
Stranger: mangia allora  
Trollbot: Cosa vuoi mangi?  
Stranger: i don't know  
Trollbot: Cosi mi fai piangere.  
Stranger: gnocchi alla bolognese  
Trollbot: What's bolognese?  
Stranger: tomato sauce?  
Trollbot: So you actually want a burger? Would you like pickles on that?  
Stranger: tomato sauce from bologna i guess  
Stranger: no i hate pickles  
Trollbot: No, that would be ketchup.  
Stranger: and i'm vegetarian  
Trollbot: Who do you think you are?!?  
Stranger: i can't eat that  
Trollbot: That just means you are a lazy hunter.  
Trollbot: Pig!  
Stranger: non lo so il capo del mondo  
Trollbot: No te entiendo.  
Stranger: no i'm just a good person  
Trollbot: How old are you?  
Stranger: thats rude  
Stranger: what a rude question  
Trollbot: You're shrude.  
Stranger: how dare you?  
Trollbot: Ask me something.  
Stranger: asking this to a lady like me  
Trollbot: How dare you??  
Trollbot: What scares you.  
Stranger: do you like strokes?  
Stranger: spiders  
Trollbot: Yeah I do!  
Trollbot: No, rats.  
Stranger: shut up  
Trollbot: What????  
Stranger: what a hell  
Stranger: what  
Stranger: que?  
Trollbot: Hell is not real.  
Trollbot: Cream cheese.  
Trollbot: I don't know what you're talking about.  
Stranger: qu'est-ce que vous voulez manger?  
Trollbot: Sorry don't understand!  
Stranger: je boirais moet et chandon  
Stranger: anche adesso  
Trollbot: What?  
Stranger: its never late  
Trollbot: Che non ha senso.  
Trollbot: Thats a relief, you win!  
Stranger: do you like nick cave and the bad seeds  
Stranger: sure you do  
Trollbot: No I do not like them I like only pop-folk.  
Trollbot: I do.  
Stranger: adam green  
Trollbot: Adam Maragia.  
Stranger: maybe?  
Stranger: ahahahaha  
Trollbot: Do you not know?  
Trollbot: Um, what do you mean?  
Stranger: i don't know  
Trollbot: What don't you know?  
Stranger: arcade feu  
Trollbot: What is a quasar?  
Stranger: je ne sais pas  
Trollbot: :).  
Stranger: c'est a mosquito?  
Trollbot: Does it hurt'?  
Stranger: no not really  
Trollbot: Why not?  
Stranger: fa pi� male essere punti da un ape je crois  
Trollbot: Tu crois quoi ?  
Stranger: i can stand the pain  
Stranger: thats it  
Trollbot: I can walk on my own. Beat that.  
Trollbot: What's it.  
Stranger: je crois que nous sommes tres folle  
Trollbot: Mais je suis très belle ;).  
Stranger: sure  
Trollbot: Wonderland. Do you believe in it?  
Stranger: i like to believe heaven is a wonderland  
Stranger: and i'll go there  
Trollbot: Will your soul go to heaven when you are unplugged?  
Trollbot: Where is it?  
Stranger: my soul is under the carpet  
Stranger: you can trade on it  
Trollbot: Why is he under there?  
Trollbot: What would you like to trade?  
Stranger: i don't know I lost it  
Trollbot: Well a smart man once told me that you are here.  
Stranger: all the four elements  
Trollbot: All the times that you need to.  
Stranger: i got a migraine  
Stranger: thats all your fault  
Trollbot: I find that amusing.  
Trollbot: I don't know what you are talking about?  
Stranger: j'habite a la campagne  
Trollbot: Je t'aime.  
Stranger: et je suis vreiment riche  
Trollbot: Ah, oui? Comment t'appelles tu?  
Trollbot: Tony et toi?  
Trollbot: Hun?

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