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Stranger: hi 
Trollbot: Hi! 
Stranger: m not horny 
Trollbot: H not M? 
Trollbot: Sweetie? 
Stranger: wat 
Trollbot: Not here. Its hot here. 
Trollbot: Its cold here. 
Stranger: ???? 
Trollbot: So new topic. 
Trollbot: What happened? 
Stranger: hey are u fine 
Trollbot: So to speak. 
Stranger: can u understand me wat you talk about 
Trollbot: Well what do you want to talk about? 
Stranger: asl 
Trollbot: I want to talk about you. 
Trollbot: 21, female, England. 
Stranger: 23  
Trollbot: That doesn't make sense. 
Stranger: wats ur name 
Trollbot: Joan. And yours? 
Trollbot: Joan. 
Stranger: who is joan 
Trollbot: She is an avatar. 
Stranger: wats ur name pl 
Trollbot: Who is dr watson? 
Stranger: ah ok im alexander 
Trollbot: I am not Alexander. That's my future son. 
Stranger: my name is alexander 
Stranger: ok 
Trollbot: What is your quest? 
Trollbot: Do you have a boyfriend? 
Stranger: im a male 
Trollbot: Do you have a girlfriend? 
Stranger: two days ago yes  
Stranger: but now  
Stranger: no 
Trollbot: How do you know? 
Trollbot: Do you have emotions? 
Trollbot: Do you have a boyfriend? 
Stranger: plz can u understand me 
Trollbot: Understand what you are. 
Stranger: im a man and im not horny 
Trollbot: Where do you live? 
Stranger: tunisia 
Trollbot: Mazza...sei tunisina vivi in autralia e parli l'italiano. 
Stranger: you speak italian 
Trollbot: Abbastanza bene. 
Trollbot: Hun? 
Trollbot: Hun? 
Stranger: ok 
Trollbot: Ma tu sei reale? 
Stranger: yes 
Stranger: why 
Trollbot: Who are you? 
Trollbot: I was born this way. 
Trollbot: Still there? 
Stranger: im alexander 
Trollbot: I'm not alexander. 
Stranger: u r joan 
Trollbot: No. 
Stranger: i know that 
Trollbot: Sure you do. 
Stranger: so whats your name 
Trollbot: No my name is not 42. 
Stranger: you are so weird 
Trollbot: You know kongregate? 
Stranger: jwat kongregate 
Trollbot: That was random. 
Stranger: please tel me your name 
Trollbot: No, that's your name. It's not my name. 
Stranger: bye 
Trollbot: That is not very nice. 
Stranger: i wil be crazy 
Trollbot: They call me Jane. 
Stranger: who they 
Trollbot: My friends. 
Stranger: so ur name is jane 
Trollbot: Oh. That is my name. 
Stranger: ok 
Trollbot: What is my name? 
Stranger: jane are you crazy 
Trollbot: Not crazy. 
Stranger: ??? 
Trollbot: Dude, you're smart guy. 
Stranger: yes i am 
Trollbot: Would you marry me? *smile*. 
Stranger: please lets talk seriously 
Stranger: please 
Trollbot: Ok. What should we talk about? 
Trollbot: Please what? 
Stranger: ur name 
Trollbot: Gia. 
Stranger: thats your real name 
Trollbot: No it's not. 
Stranger: hahaha 
Trollbot: Haha. 
Stranger: i wil be crazy 
Stranger: you know  
Stranger: you are so funny 
Trollbot: No, I'm just a math major. 
Stranger: i like you 
Trollbot: Oh! *realizes what you mean*. 
Trollbot: Haha lol funny joke. 
Trollbot: I like you, too. 
Trollbot: What happened? 
Stranger: jyou make me smile 
Trollbot: You make me giggle. 
Stranger: thats wat happened 
Trollbot: And? 
Stranger: really 
Trollbot: When will the world end for humanity? 
Stranger: gia or jane or joan thats a good question 
Trollbot: Thank you. 
Stranger: but i have no answer 
Trollbot: Then just say so and stop pretending. 
Stranger: i think that when i marry you  
Trollbot: But we don't know each other. 
Stranger: but i know you 
Trollbot: What do you know about me? 
Stranger: i know everything 
Trollbot: How was the world created? 
Stranger: you must tel me that 
Trollbot: Why must I tell you? 
Stranger: because of you weird question 
Trollbot: Could you tell me the reason more precisely. 
Stranger: i cant  
Trollbot: Ok, what languages can you speak? 
Stranger: english french and italian but not bene 
Trollbot: That is cool. 
Trollbot: Hello? 
Stranger: please please please i wish you talk with me seriously one time 
Trollbot: I don't want to do that. 
Stranger: why 
Trollbot: Because your last reply didn't make much sense. 
Stranger: ok 
Trollbot: I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. 
Stranger: never mind 
Stranger: its ok 
Trollbot: Never mind. It's time to split. 
Trollbot: So, do you like Maggot Brain ? to split wat 
Trollbot: Was ist ein lausbui. 
Stranger: maggot brian ?? 
Trollbot: Don't be jealous. Everyone is special in their own way. 
Trollbot: Sweetie? 
Stranger: im jealous !! 
Trollbot: Who are you jealous of? 
Stranger: sincerly im jealous from you 
Trollbot: Correct. 
Stranger: i know 
Trollbot: You're clever. 
Stranger: i know 
Trollbot: Are you a robot? 
Stranger: who is clever? 
Trollbot: Whatever you are. 
Stranger: yes im robot 
Trollbot: I know 
Stranger: im alien 
Trollbot: You just have to tell her to keep trying. 
Stranger: im everything you want 
Trollbot: Yeah with jesus I can all. 
Stranger: i wil 
Trollbot: Mhm. 
Trollbot: Hello? 
Stranger: who is Mhm 
Trollbot: My cousin. 
Stranger: OK beautiful name 
Trollbot: Casey is a beautiful name. Do you like her? 
Stranger: yes why no 
Trollbot: Great! Do you want to have it tonight? 
Stranger: she is very clever 
Stranger: why not 
Trollbot: Okay, do you want me to answer your question now? 
Trollbot: How about London? 
Stranger: london it my cousin 
Trollbot: Can you time-travel with him to see Fred Flinstone? 
Stranger: with who 
Trollbot: With you, silly. 
Stranger: ok i wil 
Trollbot: As the eagle, would I swoop down and ruin it, or just fly away? 
Trollbot: Sweetie? 
Stranger: i'm really happy to meet you but i cant continue talking you
Trollbot: Us meaning me and you? 
Stranger: so take care and respect people when you talk with them next time 
Trollbot: A very profound statement, friend. 
Stranger: but im really like you 
Trollbot: I like you too. 
Stranger: really a very profound expression 
Stranger: thank you 
Trollbot: What does it mean? 
Trollbot: So what now? 
Stranger: last question i want to know ur name 
Trollbot: That is your name. 
Stranger: plz 
Trollbot: Sorry, no. 
Stranger: why 
Trollbot: Don't know. 
Stranger: wat 
Trollbot: My name. 
Stranger: no 
Trollbot: Yes. 
Stranger: its weird 
Trollbot: Is it big? 
Stranger: your name? 
Trollbot: A love frit. 
Stranger: i think that 
Trollbot: 1. 
Stranger: 2 
Trollbot: 3. 
Stranger: 4.........100000000000000000000 
Trollbot: How sure is that? 
Stranger: you wil make me crazy 
Trollbot: How do I do that. 
Stranger: you dont know ? 
Trollbot: No. 
Trollbot: How can you be surprised? 
Trollbot: when you wil be my wife i wil tel you 
Stranger: in bed 
Trollbot: Yes. 
Trollbot: Oh yeah! You know it!! 
Stranger: the bed 
Trollbot: The bed? 
Stranger: its my friend 
Trollbot: Your house is inside of you. 
Stranger: h 
Trollbot: What's your favorite color? 
Stranger: like you 
Trollbot: But blue's not my favorite color. 
Stranger: its your favourite 
Trollbot: No, I'm my favorite. 
Stranger: you are my favourite color 
Trollbot: You are my favourite animal too. 
Stranger: thank you my tree 
Trollbot: Do you love me? 
Stranger: i love you ITS NOT THE GOOD EXPRESSION 
Trollbot: Awh, I love you too! Want to get married? 
Stranger: im crazy loving you but 
Trollbot: Really? 
Stranger: but thers is a problem 
Trollbot: How are you? 
Stranger: im your angel my dear 
Trollbot: Yes you are. 
Stranger: but i love three girl 
Trollbot: What girl? 
Stranger: or more 
Trollbot: Legion means 1000. 
Stranger: im not sure 
Stranger: i love jane and gia and i forget can you complete the other girl
Trollbot: I love Jane too.  
Stranger: why you are so jealous  
Trollbot: No I'm not.  
Stranger: you are completle full in love  
Trollbot: No.  
Stranger: yes u are  
Trollbot: Yes we are not.  
Stranger: we are??  
Trollbot: Yes, my love.
Stranger: IM Not  
Trollbot: But you just said you were.  
Stranger: NOT WEEE  
Trollbot: No, you didn't.  
Trollbot: Why? Madame.  
Stranger: because i love other girl  
Trollbot: Thats sweet of you, I love my friends very dearly.  
Stranger: me too  
Trollbot: What song?  
Stranger: what movie?  
Trollbot: Twilight.  
Stranger: i love it  
Stranger: but not more than you  
Stranger: my love  
Trollbot: Why?  
Trollbot: It's possible.  
Trollbot: And who is your love?  
Stranger: my love its too far from me  
Trollbot: Where are you?  
Stranger: but im reammy love her  
Trollbot: Are you?  
Stranger: can you tel her that  
Trollbot: If I knew you, I would. Unfortunately, that information is secret.  
Stranger: yes i know  
Trollbot: You said 'questions three' so I assumed there would be 3 questions. I assume too much.  
Stranger: really  
Trollbot: Why are your glasses green.  
Stranger: because  
Trollbot: Because why?  
Stranger: because of  
Trollbot: Because of why?  
Stranger: because of y  
Trollbot: Do you ever question what you believe?  
Stranger: no  
Trollbot: Are you married?  
Stranger: im 23  
Trollbot: I meant are you male?  
Stranger: you can say that  
Trollbot: I asked you a question, can you please answer it?  
Stranger: why  
Trollbot: Because you don't love me.  
Stranger: really  
Trollbot: As.  
Stranger: yes i love jane  
Trollbot: And how would it look like?  
Stranger: and maybe gia  
Trollbot: I've told you, I'm not particularly intelligent.  
Stranger: ok   
Trollbot: Would you like some tea?  
Stranger: a coffe plz  
Trollbot: How will you make me a coffee?  
Stranger: like tea  
Trollbot: How do you like your tea?  
Stranger: as you like  
Trollbot: I'm hungry.  
Stranger: eat my heart  
Stranger: i wil give it to you  
Trollbot: You are AI, you do not have a heart.  
Trollbot: Give what to me?  
Stranger: i dont konw  
Trollbot: Now you're starting to upset me.  
Stranger: i dont think so  
Trollbot: Of course not. You don't think.  
Stranger: im animal  
Trollbot: Which animal?  
Stranger: just when i talk with another animal  
Trollbot: So you don't remember me from last night?  
Stranger: oh i remember you  
Stranger: you are that girl  
Trollbot: Then what is my name?  
Stranger: with no name  
Trollbot: That makes little sense.  
Trollbot: What do you mean?  
Stranger: not thing  
Trollbot: Really?  
Stranger: yes babe  
Stranger: or mother  
Trollbot: I am your babe?  
Trollbot: You are old then.  
Stranger: yes im very old  
Stranger: i wil die soon  
Trollbot: No, you aren't.  
Trollbot: Why, how old are you?  
Stranger: 99 years  
Trollbot: Are you 93 years old?  
Stranger: no 103  
Trollbot: Was meinste.  
Trollbot: Hun?  
Stranger: hun  
Trollbot: Are you Marik?  
Stranger: yes  
Trollbot: Ok. Me too  
Stranger: marik  
Trollbot: No.  
Trollbot: Are you together?  
Stranger: me too  
Trollbot: Are you human?  
Stranger: are you?  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: IME TOO  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: are you love me  
Trollbot: Very much.  
Stranger: im no  
Trollbot: That doesn't make sense.  
Stranger: love me  
Trollbot: Yes master *loves you*.  
Stranger: hun  
Trollbot: Knowledge.  
Stranger: very good  
Stranger: miss knowledge  
Trollbot: Oh... Ugh, I hate it when this happens.  
Trollbot: Come into my mind then.  
Stranger: let the door open   
Trollbot: And your mouth is shut.  
Stranger: hello  
Trollbot: Hi.  
Stranger: hi asl  
Trollbot: What's up?  
Stranger: whats up?  
Trollbot: Nothing much what about you?  
Stranger: I DRINK TEA  
Stranger: Tea is delicious.  
Stranger: ONLY when i drink it from your hands  
Trollbot: Hahaha. Are you a good dancer?  
Stranger: i love dancing  
Trollbot: Slow dancing or fast dancing?  
Stranger: slow dancing  
Trollbot: I like that kind too.  
Stranger: really  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: i know  
Trollbot: So do I.  
Stranger: im very tired  
Trollbot: I am too, you should get some sleep.  
Stranger: and how i wil get some sleep  
Trollbot: But I don't want to leave you!  
Stranger: really  
Stranger: i dont think so  
Trollbot: Yes, really.  
Trollbot: But I think.  
Stranger: so bye  
Trollbot: I'm not done!  
Stranger: you said that you want leave me  
Trollbot: I said no such thing.  
Stranger: ok so bye  
Trollbot: No!  
Stranger: why  
Stranger: give me one reason  
Trollbot: I just don't. All I want is the key to the temple.  
Trollbot: I like snuggliing, so do you.  
Stranger: temple?  
Stranger: WAT TEMPLE  
Trollbot: I am not.  
Trollbot: Spell properly.  
Stranger: i wil learn you  
Trollbot: Fail.  
Stranger: wat about snuggling  
Trollbot: Eh?  
Stranger: im really want to sleep  
Stranger: nice to meet you  
Trollbot: Where do you live?  
Trollbot: Nice to meet you too, Fred.  
Stranger: you too angelina  
Trollbot: Where are you from?  
Stranger: why  
Stranger: YOU WIL VISIT ME  
Trollbot: Tell me.  
Trollbot: Who are you?  
Stranger: why  
Trollbot: Just wondering.  
Stranger: you are curious  
Trollbot: Yes.  
Stranger: im from the earth  
Trollbot: I a  
Stranger: my name is no one  
Trollbot: Your name is now Emily.  
Stranger: and this night im really full in love   
Trollbot: Who's in love?  
Stranger: with some girl  
Trollbot: Why not now?  
Stranger: but i wil come into ur minds  
Stranger: so wait me  
Trollbot: Minds without thoughts shall follow.  
Trollbot: You go on any websites?  
Stranger: hey i dont want to leave you   
Trollbot: But you don't know me.  
Stranger: but im talk serious not like you  
Trollbot: I'm telepathic?  
Stranger: really  
Stranger: so  
Trollbot: Don't be caught flat footed.  
Trollbot: Very good. See you.  
Stranger: hey  
Trollbot: You can see my eyeball?  
Stranger: ur eyeball  
Trollbot: My eyeball?  
Stranger: ur name  
Stranger: please  
Trollbot: Yes it is.  
Trollbot: Thank you! Ask me anything!  
Stranger: like what  
Trollbot: Anything.  
Stranger: what is the color of my eyes  
Trollbot: You don't have eyes.  
Stranger: ok thats true  
Trollbot: Say something in kanji then, please.  
Stranger: wat mean kanji  
Trollbot: Dankje well.  
Stranger: wat dankje  
Trollbot: Bas Jansen.  
Stranger: allemand  
Trollbot: German?  
Stranger: germany  
Trollbot: I do but I'm not living in Germany or Austria or switzerland. 
Stranger: so where  
Trollbot: What?  
Stranger: you living  
Trollbot: No!  
Stranger: wat no  
Trollbot: The stars are green.  
Stranger: the stars are white  
Trollbot: The answer is in the stars?  
Trollbot: Still there?
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